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JLOK EXPORT is amongst the leading Exporters and Suppliers of Manna Food. Our Manna Food comprises of a variety of high nutrition dietary items like Sprouted Ragi, Sprouted Green Gram, Coconut Milk Powder, Soya Flour, Soya Granules, and combination of Cereals, Pulses and Nuts. Manna Food is widely popular across countries due to its rich nutritional values and several added advantages. We offer Manna Food at very affordable prices along with the commitment of in-time deliveries.

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Health Mix
Health Mix Manna Health mix is a blended combination of cereals, Pulses and nuts. Manna health mix is a health package that provides necessary nutritional supplements to the entire family. Manna health mix prevents nutrient deficiency diseases and chronic diet related disorders. The component of health mix meets to the pfa standard recommendations.

Ragi Rich
Ragi Rich Manna Ragi Rich is natural weaning food for babies. It contains Sprouted Ragi and Sprouted Green Gram and Fortified Vitamin and Minerals. Manna Ragi rich is highly digestible infant food. This product is crafted through cfrti technology from Mysore.

Dia mix
Dia mix Mannas contribution to the ever increasing movement of health awareness on diabetes with a natural cereal based health product. This supplementary food item is easily digestible. Manna Dia mix can be taken in the forms of porridge and dumplings by all diabetic patents particularly old age and pre/ post operative patients.

Soya granules
Soya granules Soya granules is yet another health product from the house of manna which has craves a niche for itself in the natural health food products segment. Soya has the highest protein quality and offers many health benefits in addition to providing all the essential amino acids as per who requirements. Considered for all ages, Soya granules are a truly nutritious and delicious food for the entire family.

Soya flour
Soya flour Soya food is a highly protein rich food item. Manna Sprouted Soya Flour contains calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which help strengthen the teeth and prevent nerve disorders. Manna sprouted soya flour protects every day from many types of disorders. Manna Sprouted Soya Flour is high fiber in nature and helps to control the risk of Blood Sugar and Cardiac Arrest.

Coconut milk powder
Coconut milk powder Coconut milk powder is a spray and dry powder. Manna coconut milk powder has aroma and taste of the fresh coconut. It is ideal for making desserts and exotic dishes like Curries, Kheers, Pulav, Kuruma Beverages etc.

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